Video: 9/11’s last surviving rescue dog honoured at birthday party

    14 years on… Today marks the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York. Thinking back, most of us can remember where we were when the news was broken worldwide. But can you remember how you received the news?

    In 2001 we had no Youtube, no Facebook or Twitter…

    You were probably contacted by a family member/friend on your Nokia 3310, and told to switch on your TV or tune into your favourite radio station.

    A day that changed the world, and left its visual mark on most of us. You were part of history, and so was Bertagne, the last living rescue dog who worked Ground Zero. Bertagne is nearing her 16th birthday, and so the city of New York decided to throw her a very special and well-deserved birthday party!


    Interesting 9/11 facts:

    1. Works by Picasso and Hockney were among the estimated $100million of art lost in the attacks.
    1. 911 is, of course, the emergency phone number in the US.
    1. September 11 is now remembered as Patriot Day in the US in memory of those killed.
    1. The World Trade Centre was the scene where American photographer took the iconic photo “Dust Lady
    1. In 2002, September, 11 was declared as the National Day of Service, asking people to do at least one good deed in honor of those who died that day.


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