Local sport

Ju-do good – Ju-win

“Even the children who did not win medals fought their hearts out and displayed great courage, sportsmanship and fighting spirit.”

Gymnasts impresses yet again

This follows after successfully qualifying for the Regional and Provincial Gym Games which was held earlier this year.

Schools battle on bicycle for Spur MTB title

“We are incredibly proud of all of our riders. They’ve trained hard throughout the season and their commitment to the sport has been first class.”

Teeny-weeny cart – huge success

He won an overall third place for his performance and stood proudly on the podium at the raceway as one of the National winners.

Bending, flexing and stretching to protect children

Every year this competition is hosted in aid of Ikusasa Child, Youth and Community Development Centre, which caters for children and orphans living and working on the streets.

Bodybuilders give power to the people

Jacqueline, who comes from humble beginnings herself, said that one of the most important things to have when growing up in difficult circumstances is hope. That’s why they donated equipment to Pango Camp’s boxers.