Child drowns in complex pool

At approximately 5.20pm on Saturday 11 November, Netcare 911 responded to reports that a child had drowned in a swimming pool at a residential complex in Krugersdorp.

Reports from the scene alleged that the child was found in the swimming pool, but the incident and preceding events still need to be investigated.

CPR was started while paramedics rushed to the scene. Netcare 911 arrived on the scene within minutes of the call for help and continued with CPR. Tragically, despite the lengthy resuscitation efforts of all involved, the five-year-old boy succumbed to the irreversible damage which had occurred.

Prevention and Awareness:

Sadly the number of drowning incidents that Netcare 911 attends to increases during the summer season. Drowning affects people of all ages – awareness and vigilance are key to prevention.

Victims need to be removed from the water as quickly as possible, if it is safe for you to do so. Paramedics should be contacted immediately and CPR initiated prior to their arrival. The Emergency Services that you call should be able to give you telephonic instructions on how to begin CPR. Irreversible brain damage can occur within minutes, so it is imperative to initiate CPR and not just wait for the paramedics.

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First aid and CPR are skills which are easy to learn and could save a life. Contact your nearest accredited training facility and learn these simple skills and be fully prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

Arrive Alive provided the following tips on ensuring the safety of children around swimming pools:

Safe Swimming and the Pool

Most incidents of drowning occur at residential swimming pools! Too often, we neglect our supervision and a toddler ends up in the swimming pool. How can we prevent this? We need to supervise as actively as possible –

• Whenever infants or toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm’s reach to provide active supervision.

• Parents should avoid distractions when children are near water and give them all of their attention!

• Even strong swimmers need adult supervision.

• Insist on life jackets for children who can’t swim.

• Parents should not only supervise but also advise on safety in and around the pool.

• Running on slippery surfaces is dangerous to everyone.

• Someone could fall into the pool, accidentally push a smaller child towards water or hit the slick pool deck causing injury.

• Stay away from drains, filters and water intakes.

• Loose hair or clothing can get tangled in these structures – possibly trapping a child under the water.

• Teach children to swim.

• Most children can learn to swim at about age 5 — but know that swimming lessons won’t necessarily prevent a child from drowning. Don’t leave toys of any description in the water.

File Photo: Bianca Pindral.

• A child may fall into the water while trying to retrieve a toy.

For more information about drownings, visit

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