Taking safety up a notch

Shane Collinson (Director of Operations and Complex General Manager at Silverstar) with Thabani Thwala (HR Manager) and Gert Jonker (Chairperson of the CPF Exco in Mogale City). Photo: Submitted.

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) of Mogale City, along with other local businesses in the area, including Silverstar, have united to support the ongoing fight against crime in the area.

“After noticing the spike in crime and deteriorating safety conditions in the inner city of Krugersdorp, we made it our mission to improve the living and business conditions of the local community,” said CPF chairperson, Gert Jonker.

In 2016, the group, spearheaded by the CPF, undertook the installation of a CCTV surveillance system. Four crime hot spots in the city centre were identified, where 12 surveillance cameras were installed as a key strategy for displacing and disrupting crime in the area. The surveillance system has a dual function. Firstly, it serves as a deterrent to criminals, disrupting their crime pattern. Secondly, it assists the police in crime investigation as the footage is a valuable tool in criminal proceedings. Residents also feel safer knowing that the cameras are there to deter criminals.

A year later, this initiative is in full force, with many examples of success in curbing crime that is plaguing the West Rand community. One example of the positive impact of the surveillance cameras is the footage captured of an alleged nightclub sex offender making a getaway on a motorcycle. This was handed over to the police and the prosecutor’s office as key evidence.

Diverting crime away from the areas around the surveillance cameras has brought relief to a number of Krugersdorp inner-city residents and business owners.

Operations Director and General Manager of Silverstar, Shane Collinson, also a resident of Krugersdorp, sees first-hand the impact that crime has on the community in which he lives and works. He has made it his mission, and that of Silverstar, to assist in the upliftment of the area. In so doing, he hopes to contribute towards the improvement of the living and business conditions of the community.

“As an entrenched part of the Krugersdorp business landscape, I believe that it is our responsibility to join the fight against crime and to continue doing so. We cannot save the world, but together we can make a difference to our community. I call upon all local businesses to consider joining us in these efforts. Working together as a local business community we have a better chance of bring about change and improving the environment for the benefit of all who reside or do business in Krugersdorp,” Shane said.

The CPF has future plans to expand the CCTV system, making it possible for the footage to be streamed to handheld devices, but relies on funding from the community and local businesses for operational purposes.

“The surveillance cameras, donated by Silverstar, are a building block in the cohesive strategy we need to curb crime in the area. Our long-term objective, however, is to get as many as possible local businesses involved in both small and big ways. The CPF not only requires volunteer involvement, but financial aid as well to help cover the costs of its monitoring and maintenance services. We are grateful to Silverstar’s commitment, involvement and financial support. The collaborative contributions from various local corporates will ensure that the CPF is able to continue the initiative towards community safety,” said Jonker.

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Janine Viljoen

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