Customer blames employees for insufficient Wi-Fi – calls it an ‘act of terrorism’

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A regular customer of a local KFC recently told the News that he had had a very bad experience at this branch and said he believed that if it had happened in any other country it would have been called a “denial of service attack and thus an act of terrorism.”

Bransby Diplock, an unemployed Krugersdorper, visits the KFC regularly to use their WiFi to send his CV to different employment agencies in an effort to get out of his current circumstances.

He claims that he came to the restaurant one day and found a group of employees seated outside. The group allegedly sat outside for more or less three hours streaming music and making what he called “a wreckage”.

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Because Diplock felt that this was unacceptable, instead of taking to Facebook to express his disgust, he wrote to the KFC complaints department.

“… complete with pictures that I low-key took while sitting there,” said Diplock. “A representative of the KFC contacted me and gave the usual half-hearted apology that employees are often forced into by management to save face.”

He claims that when he returned, the WiFi was nearly unusable.
“The Wi-Fi is visible, but reduced to such a level I was barely able to send or receive emails.”

He said that he felt that this was an act of retaliation against him because of his complaint.

KFC responded and said they were aware of the situation and explained that their WiFi wasn’t turned down, but was experiencing a bad signal.

“On occasion, our restaurants do experience slower internet speeds or connectivity issues due to their locations,” said Gail Sham, Corporate Communications Manager of KFC Africa.

“Free Wi-Fi is available in select KFC restaurants nationwide and is open for customers as well as our team members to use. It is our way of making sure our customers are connected while enjoying our Finger Lickin’ Good meals. It’s also used by our team members for training and development purposes.”

They further said that treating their customers and team members with respect and dignity is important to them and they want everyone to have a great experience when visiting any of their restaurants.

Diplock said despite the incident, he still goes there. “Not to sound like a whiner, but the situation where I’m boarding really isn’t the best, so it gives me something to do during the day instead of dealing with all that drama.”

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