It’s an accident waiting to happen

Have any of the people driving up or down Begin Street ever noticed it has black-and-white lines across the road to indicate it’s a pedestrian crossing?

Cars, trucks, bakkies, motorbikes … anything really … is using this road as a race track. No thought is given to any of the old people from Moria, some in wheelchairs, who stand and wait until the road is clear.

I have almost been run over on several occasions. Once I managed to get into the middle of the road and when a crazy person came racing towards me, I held up my hand asking him to stop. If the look he gave me could be put into words, you would not be allowed to print it.

Now I am appealing to the municipality to please put up a “slow down” sign or “caution people and animals crossing” sign.

Before we have the accident that is waiting to happen.

Janine Viljoen

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