Stop, look and listen for once

Regular column-writer Pastor Gerrit Mes

Busy people often say time is money. So if you waste time you actually waste money. But is it that simple? Yes, we have to work; the Bible states “You will earn your bread by the sweat of your brow”.

But the Bible also calls a man that just works a fool. Building bigger barns, storing great wealth is foolishness.

The truth is, not one of us knows how much time we have and truth be told, money cannot buy you time.

Time is a gift from God. You have the choice how to use yours. Yes, you have to work, the Bible condemns laziness. But if all you do is work, you lose the gift of time. Time will control you unless you make a concerted effort to use it wisely.

God, family and, yes, work is where your time goes. How much time do you have? We don’t know, but today, with God’s help, you can stop, look and listen.

Stop, think about your priorities. Maybe make some changes in the way and where you invest your God-given gift, time.

Look around you, learn from other people’s mistakes. You may gain the whole world and lose your soul and your family.

Listen to God’s little voice as He guides you into a life full of meaning and happiness.

Jesus lived a very full life, but He made time for His Heavenly Father.

When you are about to die, what will be your greatest regret? Food for thought.

Alanicka Lotriet

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