[WATCH] Young woman run over and assaulted by petrol station customer

Rae Schoombie sustained a cut to her face when she was allegedly assaulted at a petrol station near the Alma Mater International School. Photo: Submitted

Rae Schoombie, 20, stopped at a service station in Wentworthpark and was run over and then assaulted by a much older woman in the parking area.

Video footage from inside the store shows how Schoombie parked in the parking area while the other woman was attempting to drive through the parking spaces to leave her spot.

The cut on Rae Schoombies’ face after she was allegedly assaulted.
Photo: Submitted

Schoombie’s vehicle came to a standstill right in front of the other woman’s car, causing her to nearly drive into the side of Schoombie’s car.

Then Schoombie gets out of the vehicle to confront the woman. However, the woman speeds up when she steps in front of the vehicle and hits her.

Schoombie, who was afraid that she might injure her knees, jumped onto the bonnet of the woman’s car. She then made her way to the driver’s side window, where she claims the female driver assaulted her.

“I asked her what her problem was, and she grabbed me and pulled me into the car,” said Schoombie. “She hit me on my face, pulled my hair and tried to accelerate while she was holding me.”

She claims that she screamed for help, but no one intervened.

Then the driver lets go of Schoombie, who took a few steps back to make sure she didn’t get hurt again. Then the woman speeds off.

Schoombie made her way into the shop and asked to see the manager.

“I didn’t even realise that my face was bleeding until one of the cashiers asked me why it was. I assume the woman had some sort of ring on her finger as I had a bad scratch on my face after the assault.”

She had a cut to her face and her mouth was bleeding on the inside.

The manager took Schoombie to their security room and reviewed the footage with her. He then saved it on a USB device and she went to the police station to open a case.

But, because she did not have the registration number of the vehicle driven by the woman who hit her, her case is not going to be easily resolved.

Schoombie is now asking anyone who witnessed the event to come forward with any information that might help her to open a case of assault against the woman. Information can be sent to [email protected].

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