Honouring our local women

Thabile Mange.

August is dubbed Women’s Month. The month affords the nation an opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the invaluable contribution made by females such as Lillian Ngoyi in the struggle against apartheid.

In general, the women’s role in the struggle against the evil of apartheid is unrecognised. It’s only a select few females who are recognised – and they belong to the governing party. The names of Winnie Madikizela Mandela and the late Albertina Sisulu come to mind. Those who belong to other political organisations are not recognised.

Having said that, there are women in our generation, and in our localities, who are doing their bit in their corners to better the lives of others. Not only that, they are also an inspiration to both males and females. More interestingly, they are not famous nor celebrities.

I wish to honour the following phenomenal women: Lungi Mtongwana-Ndou (a former classmate), Dikeledi Molaba, Celeste Gugu Ncana and Brenda ‘Last Number’ Yumba. I want to believe that there are many more. However, the above-mentioned have caught my attention and my hawk eye.

Mtongwana-Ndou is a banker, fundraiser, event organiser and a networker par excellence. Through her good organising skills, she is able to fill a hall for any event she organises, mostly under the auspices of Honey. She also gets emceeing gigs and VIP invites.

Molaba is a public servant, entrepreneur and community developer. She buys and collects school uniforms and distributes them to poor kids in and around Mogale City. Ncana is a nurse by profession, and a hustler. She’s one of the top dogs at Forever Living and helps needy kids. Yumba is a radio broadcaster, good organiser and trainer.

These are local females who have no political connections but are doing extraordinary things. They are also women of substance who use their personal power to empower others in their own unique way. They are leaders, in their own right, and unsung ‘sheroes’ as well. Their efforts are being noticed.

Janine Viljoen

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