Breaking News: Want to know where the smoke is coming from?

Bianca Pindral on scene

A large section of the Krugersdorp Game Reserve has been destroyed due to a fire.

The fire, which reportedly started at about 11am is still raging on.
Krugersdorp CPF members from all sectors have been trying to get the fire under control. So far, most of the flames near the entrance of the reserve have been extinguished.

Bianca Pindral on scene.

The inner part of the reserve is still burning. Members of the public joined the CPF in extinguishing the flames.
CPF patrollers on motorcycles herded the buck into an area that isn’t burning.

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Springbuck, nyalas and guinea fowl scattered as the flames roared skyward.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but the cpf is urging anyone who can help extinguish the flames to come as soon as possible.

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Bianca Pindral

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