Did Jesus die of a broken heart?

I recently read the story of Suna Venter, a beloved journalist and SABC producer.

I know very little about her, except for the statement that she died of a broken heart.

Her love for the SABC and her passion for her profession was so enormous that when it was compromised her heart was broken.

Doing a bit of reading on the subject, I was shocked to learn that it is possible to die of a broken heart. Great disappointment can have such a profound effect on a person that you can literally die.

Maybe more than a few of us have experienced a broken heart. Through rejection, betrayal or abuse, your heart can also be broken.

Medicine cannot mend a broken heart, only love can do that.

Walking through our busy malls, driving in our traffic, I often wonder just how many people have broken hearts.

The best person to help someone with a broken heart is somebody who has had a broken heart. If that is true, you cannot find anyone who can help you more than Jesus. You see, truth be told, soldiers, nails, a spear and a cross didn’t kill Jesus.

It was probably a broken heart.

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Janine Viljoen

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