Unique sound penetrates music world

Jean-Louise and Alex Parker are living the dream. Photo submitted.

Sometimes, when two artists meet, a rare explosion of sound is just bound to happen. A sound that needs to be heard instead of described, to be felt and understood.

Born and bred in Krugersdorp, local artist Jean-Louise Parker explains how she met her other half, Alex and how their two-man-band, Academie, came to be.

Jean-Louise and Alex Parker are living the dream. Photo: Alanicka Lotriet.

According to Jean-Louise they met in a recording studio in Johannesburg when she played the alto violin for one of his other band’s albums, roughly eight years ago.

“He processed the music and we had to communicate a lot. Academie was one of my solo projects under another title at the time, and one afternoon when I got home, he remixed one of my songs, and I liked it,” she explained.

After a while they decided to start a band as they enjoyed playing together and being on stage.

When the News asked them about their ‘Indie-dream pop’ genre, Jean-Louise explained they wanted to differ from the usual ‘guitar/bass guitar/drums’ setup.

“When I toured Europe with the band Dear Reader I was exposed to a lot of amazing music groups that do things differently. Alex and I then decided to use gear that’s relatively easy to tour with,” Jean-Louise said.

Their first concert together was as part of the Wêreld music group, which focused on alternative music under the guidance of Jaco van der Merwe, well-known producer and performer from Bittereinder. They also performed at various venues in Johannesburg and Pretoria, including the Mieliepop Festival and Oppikoppi 2016.

Their first album, Volumes, was released last year and is available on iTunes, Deezer and other streaming platforms. Some of their most popular tracks include Volumes, Sulphur and Suburban Dreams. Jean-Louise and Alex are already working on their next album, which will be released before the end of the year.

Jean-Louise and Alex Parker are living the dream. Photo: Alanicka Lotriet.

In August they will set off on tour and play in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Europe. They are also more than excited to be playing at Oppikoppi in October.

“For us it is of utmost importance to make music we like. As soon as you start making music that only pleases other people, the music starts losing its integrity. We are more than happy with our current genre, which is sort of an Indie dream-pop mixture, however, we are open to adjust as our taste in music develops,” Jean-Lousie concluded.

Here’s a live performance of the band at last year’s Oppikoppi 2016:

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