Holiday boredom already settling in? Then let the games begin!

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It’s the middle of the July school holidays and by this time kids are getting a little bored playing the same old games over and over while their parents are at work during the day.

Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies, has suggested the following new games that kids can enjoy during the holidays:

Fantastic Gymnastics

Get into the swing of things with the newly launched, compelling and unique Fantastic Gymnastics game. Players time their speed and rhythm to gain momentum to flip the gymnast figure around the high bar. At the right moment, hit the release button to let him fly, and try to stick the perfect landing. Get him to land on the mat on his feet for the win. Play solo, head-to-head, or challenge friends to a tournament.

Pie Face

One of the most popular games for kids, Pie Face is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get splatted! Just add some whipped cream or place a wet sponge on the ‘hand’ of this hilarious game unit and start turning the handles. It could go off at any time, so keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat in the face. You score a point for every time you turn the handle without getting pie-faced, and the one who scores 25 points wins. Take some risks and hope for the best in this hilarious game.


Take over the world with Risk. In this game of strategic conquest, the goal is simple: players aim to conquer their enemies’ territories by building an army, moving their troops in, and engaging in battle. Depending on the roll of the dice, a player will either defeat the enemy or be defeated. This exciting game is filled with betrayal, alliances, and surprise attacks. This holiday, when it comes to taking over the world, it’s all about who is willing to take the biggest Risk.

Monopoly Mzansi

Enjoy some quality family time this holiday with the South African version of the famous board game, Monopoly Mzansi. In this localised version of the classic game of buying, selling, wheeling and dealing, players strive to buy their favourite places in South Africa before their opponents and make sure they avoid paying rent on already owned slots.

Cluedo Grab & Go

There’s a mystery that needs solving, and you’re just the detective to do it on the go with Cluedo Grab & Go. Who killed the host of the fancy party? Where were they, and what weapon did they use? The game board has rooms to move in and secret passages to navigate faster, and if you’re a super-sleuth you can keep track of the clues in your detective notebook and solve the case. When the case is solved, you can store all the cards and parts in the all-in-one game unit – until the next murder.

Guess Who? Grab and Go

Perfect for long car journeys Guess Who? challenges the champion guesser Maybe it’s you in this portable version of the classic game. Every time you ask your opponent a yes or no question, the answer gets you closer to who’s on their mystery card. But you better watch out, because they’ll be asking you questions too.

Connect 4

Challenge a friend to disc-dropping fun with the classic game of Connect 4. Drop your red or yellow discs in the grid and be the first to get 4 in a row to win. If your opponent is getting too close to 4 in a row, block them with your own disc. Whoever wins can pull out the slider bar to release all the discs and start the fun all over again.

Twister & Jenga

Add a twist of fun to this holiday with Twister, the game that ties you up in knots and gets everyone moving, or the fun block-stacking, stack-crashing game of Jenga that tests how well you stack up against the law of gravity.

With all of these great options to choose from, holiday times will always be fun.

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