Sincere apologies to my dear readers!

Thabile Mange.

My debut book is about pastors who are in it for the money. The book title is God’s servants or money grubbers? The initial title was Rich pastors, poor Christians, stolen from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. However, although it was catchy, a writer friend suggested I change it because “it doesn’t sound original”. I obliged.

After publicly announcing that I’m writing a book on the above-mentioned subject, I have had pastors (including my pastor friends) attacking me left, right and centre. They selectively quoted Scriptures to argue their case and play on my guilt.

But I was not deterred. Instead, their reaction indicated to me that I had hit the right note: I have agitated and irritated them, though that’s not the intention. The aim is to expose the hypocrites who masquerade as servants of God, and their holy tricks to milk the unsuspecting believers dry.

That said, I have had many people asking me when the book will be published. The book was supposed to have been out in June this year. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it is not out yet.

Here is why: self-publishing poses a myriad of challenges. It’s worse when you are a first-timer. My editor, who is a well-experienced publisher, and recommended by a journalist friend, left me in a lurch. Now I have to start all over again. It’s all in the game.

The good news is that the production process is at an advanced stage. If all goes according to plan, and I believe and pray it will, the e-book will be published soon and the print version late in August. My sincere apologies to my dear readers.

Janine Viljoen

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