Mogale City in limbo

The PCO is of the view that the political instability in the Mogale City Council is affecting the smooth running of municipality.

The situation has deteriorated to the point where governance has been suffocated.

The people of Mogale have been relegated to the sidelines and the represented political parties are busy playing politics at the expense of service delivery. The problem creates an ineffective institution, and it has rendered the municipality unstable with regard to government and good administration.

Although the legal prescripts are silent as to the extent of the role the community can play, the community can petition the MEC of Cooperative Governance in Gauteng to intervene in Mogale City. We cannot be held to ransom by politicians who are busy playing politics at the expense of the people of Mogale City.

It is enough now, all these parties (ANC, DA, EFF, IFP, FF+) in council are failing us, we have no vision for our future. The MEC must intervene in Mogale City.

Mogale City Council must fall and the municipality be placed under administration. Then an election re-run can be held, just as it has happened at Inquthu in KwaZulu-Natal.

We can no longer afford to remain a hung municipality.

Janine Viljoen

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