Open letter to the Mogale City council

De Waal Venter.

A new Mayor and Speaker have been elected for the Mogale City Council. Management of the affairs of this municipality can and should now begin in all earnest.

The municipality was on the edge of chaos, due to the uncertainties and indecisiveness created by the unstable political balance, and bickering in the council. We, the residents and ratepayers of Mogale City now demand that the Mayor, his mayoral committee, and all councillors start devoting their full energies and abilities to the tasks that they were elected to do.

The ANC West Rand Region released the following statement: “Therefore this outcome now responds directly and positively to the long-cherished desire of the ANC to present a people friendly budget and the Integrated Development Plan to the community of Mogale City.”

That is a noble sentiment. I would just like to remind the ANC that it is not they who should present the budget and Integrated Development Plan, but the council of Mogale City. That budget should be examined carefully by all the councillors, then debated and improved if possible. Not only should the budget be “people friendly”, it should be designed to optimise the functioning of the municipality without wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

Do remember that there are different regions in this municipality. There are urban areas, industrial areas and rural areas. It is especially the rural areas that should receive new attention. The interests of rural people have been rather neglected in the past. This has to be rectified.

Mr Mayor, we would like to remind you and each and every member of the council that you stand in service of the people who elected you. We pay your salaries through our taxes and we expect you all to deliver the services and good governance we deserve. Do not disappoint us.

Janine Viljoen

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