Local DA and FF+ surprised by EFF voting for ANC budget

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The now ANC-led administration in Mogale City has managed to pass its budget with the help of the EFF and the IFP during a special council sitting yesterday afternoon (11 July).

This comes despite the DA walking out of the meeting while the budget was being discussed.

The DA Gauteng spokesperson for Cooperative Governance, Makashule Gana said the support the EFF and IFP gave the ANC in council showed commitment to undermining the process of democracy and change in the country.

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“Much of the budget includes elements of what the DA proposed under our administration and we welcome this move by the ANC. However, we must state that the people of Mogale City come first, stability in the council is imperative to service delivery and residents can be assured that any wrongdoing by the ANC will be met with the strongest action from the DA leadership in Mogale City.”

Gana further stated that this political push by the ANC in Mogale is not new to the DA and has shown that the ANC will do anything to destabilise councils where it has lost the confidence of the electorate.

“We will work vigorously towards a better Mogale City for all residents – not just for those who are connected to the ANC.”

The Freedom Front Plus, however, did not vote for the budget to be passed.

According to Freedom Front Plus councillor Amanda de Lange, “The Freedom Front Plus decided to stay and represent our constituents and communities. It is our responsibility to exercise oversight over the ANC and know what is happening in council. We have, however, not voted for the budget.”

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On the EFF’s official Twitter account it was stated that the party has taken note of what happened during the Mogale City Council budget vote. The party deems EFF councillors voting for the ANC budget as, “… the highest form of defiance of the revolutionary tenants of the Economic Freedom Fighters”. The EFF is allegedly awaiting a formal report to decide on disciplinary proceedings against the relevant councillors.

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