Council on a destructive trajectory

Are we having a battle of personalities or ideologies in the Mogale City Municipality that is causing such instability, namely the mayors coming and going?

Or is it more to do with more fingers itching to dip into the proverbial cookie jar? I have gone on record calling for our councillors to work together as a team by focusing on the issues of delivering quality service to the masses in Mogale.

Fighting over who is mayor is a side issue. Has the training that these councillors received not adequately prepared them for how the business of the council is supposed to be conducted?

Looks like the council is on a destructive trajectory if it cannot find common ground about who should be the team leader.

Whoever gets elected in the coming council meeting should hold the team together and understand that he or she would be leading all the people of Mogale City, and not only a minority.

Janine Viljoen

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