Zille on a path to destroy DA

Thabile Mange.

The former DA leader Helen Zille has worked very hard to build the official opposition party. Zille increased both the membership of and the voter support for the party. She also identified young capable blacks within and mentored them. The DA leader Mmusi Maimane is one of them.

Interestingly the self-same Zille is now on a path to destroy the very party she has worked hard to build. She’s dividing the opposition party unnecessarily. As a result, the former party leader is fast becoming a liability to the DA.

The Western Cape Premier is opinionated, stubborn and she also loves Twitter. Nothing wrong there. However, she has sent out controversial tweets that have put her in the spotlight.

Not so long ago, she tweeted that colonialism was not so bad after all. That solicited different views. Most blacks were – and still are – outraged by her statement. She tendered an apology but continued to defend and justify her comment.

The DA suspended her from party activities for violating their social media policy. However, she retains her premier position pending the disciplinary outcome. This shows that the party is bending backwards for her.

Throughout this saga, the official opposition treated the Western Cape Premier with kid gloves. Maybe the party doesn’t want to embarrass their stalwart. But should the former party leader survive this one, they would be creating a monster. And it will come back to bite them.

I’m of the school of thought that Zille should have resigned from active politics when she stepped down as party leader. She has run her political race and should give Maimane space to lead. You can’t have two bulls in the same kraal. Now she’s squaring up with Maimane, her protégé. It must be embarrassing.

Janine Viljoen

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