Residents to petition for intervention

The Peoples Civic Organisation is of the view that the political game-playing in Mogale City is affecting the people of Mogale City.

Although the legal prescripts are silent on the role the community can play in addressing the current situation, the people of Mogale can still petition the MEC of Cooperative Governance to intervene in Mogale City. Currently the whole thing is being played out by the represented political parties in council. It is as if we citizens have no say in what is happening in Council.

The elected Council is failing to qourate and approve reports meant to advance development and ensure good governance.

We can not be held to ransom by politicians who are busy playing politics at the expense of the people of Mogale City.

It is enough now, all these parties in Council (ANC, DA, EFF, IFP, and FF+) are failing us, we have no vision for our city. We have no leadership, and the laws and regulations are being flouted and contravened.

We can no longer afford to remain a hung municipality. There is no government ace in Mogale, service delivery is affected, there is no political stability in our city, there is no certainty about how council decisions are taken and are to be implemented. The administration of the municipality is affected in the sense that the political principals are at loggerheads.

Mogale City Council must be dissolved and the municipality be placed under administration and then an election re-run can be held, just as has happened at Inquthu in KwaZulu-Natal.

Janine Viljoen

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