DA claims the ANC used cheque-book politics to win mayoral seat

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After the devastating loss of the mayoral seat in Mogale City Local Municipality, the DA has announced that they will now focus on being the principal opposition to the ANC and will continue to fight in the best interests of the people of Mogale.

At an election ending in a 40 to 37 result on Wednesday, 28 June, the DA coalition lost its majority by three votes.

The DA accused the ANC of being undemocratic as the votes were not hand-written, but stamped. They claim that the stamping caused a number of votes to be spoilt.

After the results were announced, Patrick Lipudi took the mayoral seat.

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The DA has since released statements stating that the ANC has actively and purposefully worked against plans to improve the lives of Mogale residents – “for no reason other than political point-scoring”.

The DA also accused the ANC of using money to gain control. “It is clear that cheque-book politics is at play and that the ANC has prioritised petty politicking over getting to work to ensure that the people of Mogale City are delivered the services they rightly deserve,” said John Moodey, leader of the DA in Gauteng.

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The DA also said even though the ANC has the mayoral seat, this does not give the party complete control of the municipality. “We may have lost the mayoral seat but with our coalition partners, we remain completely committed to serving the residents of Mogale.”

One of their first fights against the ANC will be to ensure that the party doesn’t pass a budget that will negatively affect the municipality. But, this will not be their only fight.

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The ANC’s plan to include a R100 million credit extension is also a factor that worries the DA as it “would only add more strain to the municipality’s ability to service their debt.”

The DA claimed that they remain committed to working with the other opposition parties and the loss of the seat gives them no reason to doubt their partners.

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