How to keep your youngsters safe and secure

Fidelity ADT’s managing executive, Stuart Clarkson.

June is Youth Month and provides an opportunity to celebrate, focus on and discuss all things youth-related, including education, employment and lifestyle.

“A very important topic that must also be addressed during this period is safety,” said Fidelity ADT’s managing executive, Stuart Clarkson.

“Safety is a priority and must be top of mind for everyone, particularly teenagers and young adults who are especially vulnerable to crime.”

Streetwise teens know that they do not have to leave home for their safety to be at risk. Clarkson said knowing and applying basic safety advice can show them that staying safe can be easy, improve their awareness and help them take control in challenging situations.

Social media and the internet:

The internet has made communication faster and more fun, but it also makes it easier for predators to approach vulnerable teens. It is important that youngsters:

• Never include personal information on social media forums, blogs or websites

• Do not agree to meet online contacts in person

• Block anyone who makes them feel uneasy

• Think about the information they post online and do not post comments that could embarrass them or hurt and offend others.

• Get the “OK” from their parents before they download content or shop online. Many items have copyright; and credit card details may be at risk when buying from an unsecured site.

Staying safe while out on the town:

Young adults often find it easy to lose track of time when they’re out having a good time with friends. Following these tips will ensure that they can still have fun and get home safely:

• Go out in a group and stick with friends

• Never go anywhere with or accept a drink from a stranger

• Tell their parents where they are going and keep to the agreed curfew

• Make sure they have a safe ride home with a designated driver

• Ensure their cellphones are always on and call home if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation

• Keep the “locate your device” activated in case of any emergencies

For those at home alone:

• Make sure you know how the home alarm system works and what the passcodes are

• If you are home alone and the alarm is disarmed, ensure that the security gates and outward-leading doors are locked

• If your parents are away overnight, have the number of a neighbour or relative at hand in case of an emergency

• Never leave younger siblings home alone, not even for a short while

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