Trust God to give you peace

RIP. These three letters are often engraved on tombstones.

We would say, after a person has died, rest in peace. After a life of battles and challenges, it is our belief that after people die, they rest in peace.

Jesus once spoke to His friends about peace. His friends faced lots of struggles and He said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace, not like the world gives.”

This passage often got my imagination going. Surely peace is peace, I thought. But according to Jesus, His peace is different. As I looked into this story, I discovered an amazing difference between traditional peace and the peace Jesus promised.

In society we believe peace occurs when we kill all our enemies, solve all our problems and things are perfect. That peace would hopefully enter our hearts.

Jesus offers a brand of peace that starts in the heart. It is not dependent on killing our enemies and stopping the storms. In fact, Jesus’ peace is possible in the midst of the mother of all storms.

Jesus’ world and life was far from peaceful, yet, He had peace.

Your peace is the result of trusting God to take care of you in the storm.

Resting in peace can start today, not the day you die.

Janine Viljoen

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