Local pastor tells his story

Daniel Prinsloo is grateful for where he is today. Photo: Alanicka Lotriet.

It does not matter how far you have wandered, or how bad you think your story might be, there’s always hope, said recovering addict and pastor, Daniel Prinsloo.

Daniel’s life tells the story of bad choices, recovery, a will to change and eventually freedom. His life started in a loving home out on the West Rand with supporting parents, but everything changed at the age of 13 when, due to low self-esteem, he fell into the unfortunate downward spiral often caused by drugs.

Daniel Prinsloo telling his encouraging story. Photo: Alanicka Lotriet.

“When I changed schools at the age of 16 due to behavioural problems, my addiction only got worse. I lived two lives. I would attend church and go home afterwards to feed my addiction. I reached a point where I was involved in armed robberies to support this terrible craving,” he said.

This became his way of life for roughly five years, but then something that can only be described as supernatural happened.

“I went to the bathroom at a club one night and just broke down before God. He told me that if I did not stop I won’t get another chance. That’s when I realised I can’t do this on my own. He made me a new man,” Daniel said.

He started attending a “good church with real people”.

“Real people accepted me and they didn’t even know about my past. They cared about me and inspired me to become the person I was meant to be,” he explained.

After a few years of self-transformation he received his honours degree in Theology to help those who might be trapped in the same downward spiral he had been in. He now has 14 years of pastoral experience.

Daniel Prinsloo telling his encouraging story. Photo: Alanicka Lotriet.

Daniel has started a Christian-based group, known as Re-group to help those battling with addiction, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and other social struggles.

This group meetings are free of charge and will take place at 153 Ontdekkers Road every Monday from 7pm.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact Daniel on 076 319 3749.

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