Local DA councillors take lie detector tests

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While Krugersdorpers sit and wonder when service delivery in Mogale City will ever return to normal, the local DA council members have undergone lie detector tests in an attempt to pinpoint who the traitor in council is – this after Michael Holenstein was recently booted from his chair as Mayor of Mogale City.

According to John Moodey, the DA Provincial Leader, the local ANC lives in a cracked glass house and should not be throwing stones.

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“The DA finds it laughable that the ANC West Rand has accused it of being “anti-democratic” and of having humiliated its councillors in Mogale City. Speaker and ANC member Patrick Lipudi showed his totally flawed understanding of democracy when he accused the DA of refusing to allow its members to vote openly in the recent vote of no confidence in (now former) Mayor Michael Holenstein. It was in fact the ANC who insisted on a secret ballot while the DA and EFF called for a show of hands.”

Moodey said the ANC got it wrong yet again when it accused the DA of “humiliating” its councillors by “forcing” them to take lie detector tests.

“If the ANC had bothered to check the facts instead of running with rumours and wild allegations, it would have discovered that the DA caucus actually volunteered to take the tests and even insisted on carrying the costs themselves. The DA in Mogale City, unlike the ANC, conducts itself openly, transparently and honestly.”

Moodey stated emphatically that the ongoing drama in the municipality is simply the result of the ANC trying every trick in the book to regain control of a city it has already ruined with years of corruption and maladministration.

“While the DA is doing its best to pass the Integrated Development Plan and Annual Budget so that service delivery can get under way, the ANC continues to put its own self-interest above those of the residents of Mogale City.”

Moodey concluded by comparing the situation with the national state capture saga.

“As the #GuptaLeaks remind South Africans on a daily basis how corrupt and self-serving the ANC is, the residents of towns and cities where the DA governs can be assured of the values of freedom, fairness and opportunity … and Mogale City is no different.”

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