[Follow-up] DA/EFF calls removal of mayor a destabilisation tactic

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The DA/ EFF coalition has described the efforts of the ANC to remove former Executive Mayor Michael Holenstein as a relentless, sustained campaign of destabilisation and obstruction of political stability.

After a vote of no confidence against the Mayor during yesterday’s (7 June) special meeting, the DA/EFF lost the vote to keep its Mayor in his seat, by a mere one vote. The motion had a vote of 39 votes to 38 in favour of the ANC .

“It is thus reasonable to assume that one member amongst the 39 DA, IFP, Freedom Front + and EFF councillors succumbed to the offer of incentives to support the ANC,” said Jade Miller, spokesperson for the DA.

Allegations of bribery emerged immediately after the local government election in 2016.

“The ruling coalition believes that the ANC obstructed every move made by the new governing party, resulting in a negative impact on service delivery in the city. Whether the individual who was responsible for the election of an ANC Speaker in August 2016 is the same person who has once again stabbed the majority voting bloc in the back is a matter of debate.”

The DA/ EFF claim that the ANC’s Speaker, Patrick Lipudi, has been the main weapon in the campaign to destroy the DA’s efforts.

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“He (Lipudi) chose to operate under council rules that were not properly promulgated and are therefore unlawful, said Muller. “He chose to do this because these rules give him much wider latitude to make decisions than the previous set of rules. In addition, the Speaker, whose decisions are meant to be unbiased, has done whatever he can to provide an advantage to the ANC.”

The coalition said it is essential that sober heads prevail, and “that careful analysis is conducted to evaluate all the dynamics that have led to this situation. Finger-pointing among the members of the voting bloc will only create tensions among the partners and serve no positive purpose.”

As matters stand, Mogale City has no mayor.

“A meeting must be called to elect one and the DA, together with its voting partners, must decide on a strategy to deal with this. In addition, all remedies, including legal action, must be considered when dealing with the manipulation of processes by the ANC and its cadres.”

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