On Mogale’s Christmas wish list – a dictionary, perhaps?

The curb and the road sign show different spellings in Douglas de Villiers Street.

Upset community members recently contacted the News about a strange topic – street names on road signs.

At first it seemed as if there were a few missing, but upon further investigation they clarified the situation by pointing out that there were a few road names that were spelled wrong.

Here is another alternative spelling for Douglas de Villiers Street.

The News went in search of these so-called misspelled road signs and noticed there were indeed some letters missing and inconsistencies found in numerous signposts on the sides of certain roads.

Val van der Merwe, a community member who has lived in Krugersdorp for more than 30 years, said that she was insulted by the carelessness of the road markers.

“Is it because they don’t care?” she asked. “Customers pay your salary, so why would you want to disappoint them?”

A passerby approached News journalist Bianca Pindral while on scene and asked why she was taking pictures of one of the signs.

After realising it was spelled incorrectly, he said that this is not such a bad thing and that community members should rather focus on combating things like poverty, unemployment and crime than complain about one or two missing letters on a sign.

There are three different names on the curb stones that should all read Douglas de Villiers street.

He made a good point, but there are still people who feel that the misspelled words tarnish the town’s image.

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Mogale City Municipality was informed about the misspelled words and will comment on the matter soon.

If there are any mispelled street signs near your home or business, contact the News on 011 955 1130 or send an email to [email protected].

Here is the correct spelling for Hartbees Street.

Here is another example of a misspelled road sign. It should read Hartbees Street.

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