Mogale Traffic hits back after complaints

A Mogale City Traffic Officer writing a fine for a motorist whose licence disc had expired.

“Word on the street is that Mogale City Traffic Department does exist,” said Superintendent George Tekane from the Mogale City Traffic Department.

After numerous warnings to the public to remove their vehicles or goods from the city’s pavements, the Department decided to take action. According to the local by-laws, a pavement is a portion of a public road reserved for pedestrian usage. On 23 May, traffic officers marched through Krugersdorp and fined people who disregarded the rules of the road and the by-laws.

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Spokesperson Papi Motaung told the News that most of the businesses around Krugersdorp, especially panel beaters, car traders and hawkers, make it difficult to walk and push prams on the pavement. He also said that the law protects everyone, including pedestrians, by providing designated spaces for them to walk. That way, they do not walk in the road where they could be bumped by cars.

Officer Paul Mashinini, ready to fine the people who disregard the rules of the road

Another problem the Department is concerned about is the oil spills left by panel beaters and mechanics on the pavements. This poses a danger to both pedestrians and motorists as the pavements become slippery, especially when it is raining.

During the operation, the officers also checked for car licence discs, number plates, tyre life, car roadworthiness, yellow line parking, driveway parking, five metre parking, loading zones and abandoned motor vehicles.

At the end of the operation, it was found that 113 fines adding up to R84 000 had been issued.

The overall response of the public was very good as the community thanked the team for taking action and hearing the public’s cry for help.

A traffic officer issuing a fine for parking on a sidewalk.

Tekane addressed his team and told them that he was very humbled by the way in which they conducted themselves during the operation, and they should prepare themselves for a bigger operation that will be done very soon.

The Department is proud to say that they are claiming back the pavements and after their operation was done the streets were cleaned up.

Fines were also issued to motorists whose cars had one or both number plates missing.

The Department urges the community and motorists to make sure they obey the rules of the road, make sure their licence discs are in order and up to date, and act according to the law when it comes to by-laws.

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