Local nurses pray the bad away

Nurses bow their heads, close their eyes, and pray the bad away. Photo: Submitted.

Nurses from all over Gauteng took to the stage on Wednesday, 10 May, to pray for the well-being of their patients and commemorate the international Nurses’ Prayer Day.

A mass prayer event took place at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital, where Diana Ngwenya, Nursing Service Manager for the hospital said that to her, leadership is a process, not a position.

“God gave all of us leadership positions – this means that you are a leader in your own capacity whether you are a junior staff member or not,” said Diana.

The speakers and prayer leaders used the theme Nurses: a voice to lead – achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms Montsho, Programme Director of Sustainable Development Goal, during the prayer meeting.
Photo: Submitted

“In most cases, nurses take care of others more than themselves. We need to give ourselves time by resting enough so that we keep up the pace of the demanding job even in our socio-economic situation,” said Ngwenya.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), the speakers highlighted the fact that nurses can prevent child and maternal deaths, improve the quality of life, and ensure that children attend school.

The SDGs provide people with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they get from nurses to create a healthier and better world.

To promote health, nurses can advise patients who are struggling to make ends meet, for example to plant vegetable gardens and ensure there is food on the table thus eradicating poverty in the community. They can also provide advice on self-empowerment by making sure that people have knowledge and skills which develope into competencies.

Diana Ngwenya, Nursing Service Manager praying during the national Nurses’ Prayer Day.
Photo: Submitted.

Among the motivational speakers there were representatives from the healthy lifestyle companies who motivated attendees on the importance of working within time limits set in a way that will avoid fatigue and stress. They also indicated that nurses can tap into other available business opportunities and not depend on their nursing salary alone.

At the end of the event, all the nurses pledged to renew their vows.

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