Thank you to those who helped our John

This letter serves to express the deep appreciation of this Shellhole for the speedy response and provision of emergency life-support services of Quick Response Service (QRS) paramedics to our resident, John Penfold.

I understand that John was experiencing a serious medical problem, which was life-threatening, and that without your ambulance service and provision of emergency medical treatment, he might not have survived.

We run a Cottage Scheme for indigent persons and we are entirely self-sufficient, as we receive no State support. We depend on our own efforts and the kind assistance of benevolent people, such as yourself, to assist our residents and make them comfortable.

On behalf of the committee and the members of the Warrior Shellhole, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation and thanks for the kind and life-saving treatment you provided to John, at no cost.

It is truly admirable that there are medical professionals today, such as yourself, who will respond to a medical emergency on a charitable basis.

We will not hesitate to recommend your services to all who may need them.

Gien Clark

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