What have I voted for?

I have lived in Krugersdorp for many years and have never seen deterioration in service levels like now.

I fail to understand why the powers that be don’t just explain in detail what is actually going on. After various discussions, I’m now resorting to the media since it appears everything is falling on deaf ears. We are asked to get involved and have patience and be part of the better team and make a change – how?

We have had a water leak in our area for three weeks and the irony is that last week we were informed that water tanks are being placed at various outlets due to the unavailability of water, yet we have ample running down our road. The owner [of the affected property] has phoned, emailed, and reported to the ward councillor, and the Mayor’s office, yet still nothing is done. I have never experienced this poor a turnaround time.

This despite the Mayor himself standing at IDP roadshows saying things will get better and issues will be addressed – when?

It seems I certainly did vote for change indeed … a mess!

Beyond frustrated

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