We need to do more to unite

We need to do more to promote healing and tolerance among all our people. Linked to this is the need to also continue efforts to fight racism, which continues to be a challenge in our country.

Our nation-building and healing efforts require more enthusiasm and the involvement of every sector of society.

On 27 April 1994, we held our first democratic elections, signalling the end of racist apartheid rule, our triumph over institutionalised racism, repression, state-sponsored violence and the enforced division of our people based on race or ethnicity.

Under the leadership of former President Nelson Mandela, we demonstrated to the world that a new nation could rise from the ashes of racial intolerance and ethnic polarisation.

I recall the solidarity and friendship of many peace-loving nations and people from Africa and the world during the struggle for liberation. President Nelson Mandela emphasised African solidarity at the Organisation of Africa Unity Summit in Tunis on 13 June 1994, when he said: “When the history of our struggle is written … it will tell a moving story of the sacrifices that the people of our continent made, to ensure that the intolerable insult to human dignity, the apartheid crime against humanity, became a thing of the past”.

I shall never forget the solidarity, sacrifice and selfless support we received from our brothers and sisters in Africa in particular, and from freedom-loving nations outside of Africa.

Raliphi George Xolelizwe

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