Water flows and Mogale still ignores

A few months ago, we had a water leak underground in front of one of the workshops in our complex.

The guys from the municipality came out to repair it, ripping up the driveway in the process. It took a few days to get the job done. While they were working, we commented that the repair they were doing would not suffice, as they should replace a section of the pipe, and not just repair the leak, [because] the pipe was in poor condition, and would probably start to leak again.

We were told that the guys know what they are doing, [and] we do not have to tell them how to do their job. On completion [of the repairs], they left. And the destroyed driveway was left as is. The landlord went to much expense to get it repaired.

About seven weeks later, there was a new leak. This has been reported almost daily to the local council, with promises to come out, but to no avail.

I estimate that the leak is at a rate of about one litre per minute. Over the past seven weeks that is about 70 000 litres of water that have been wasted.

* Dear concerned rate payer,

Your letter was forwarded to the local council for urgent feedback. Unfortunately none has been forthcoming; however, we do hope they will respond once they read your letter in the newspaper – Ed.

Concerned ratepayer

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