Mogale City Traffic Department responds to community outcries

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson Papi Motaung.

Stop signs seem to be an ongoing problem in and around Krugersdorp with motorists disobeying the rules of the road.

Since the News reported on motorists’ behaviour at several stop signs in Krugersdorp earlier this year, the Mogale City Traffic Department decided to investigate the matter and came to a shocking conclusion.

The T-junction of Donegal Road and Lismore Street where motorist disobey the rules of the road.

The News has recently received numerous calls and letters from the community about stop signs that are being ignored by motorist and the dangers it holds.

Carl Gough from Kenmare wrote a letter about his experience at a stop sign at the T-junction of Donegal Road and Lismore Street.

In short:

“I was walking along the road at about 10am when I saw a brown Mercedes-Benz/ Beemer come barrelling towards me, blowing right through a stop sign without even pausing. I shook my head and mouthed something sarcastic at him. The man behind the wheel beeped at me and sped on. The same day I went for another walk in the afternoon. While crossing the relatively wide intersection I heard a car approaching at speed behind me, clearly with no intention of stopping. I turned to look, and sure enough, there was the same brown car shooting right through the stop sign, at speed, just as another car was trying to turn across his path into Lismore Street.”

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson Papi Motaung busy writing a fine for a motorist who did not stop at a stop sign.

Gough went on to tell that a white VW Passat with the driver busy on his cellphone also sped through the same stop sign the same day.

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson Papi Motaung saw the letter and decided to investigate motorists’ behaviour at the stop sign.

One of the stop signs at the T-junction of Donegal Road and Lismore Street.

“After our investigation at the stop sign and interviewing a couple of drivers we found that almost five stop signs on Donegal Road are being disregarded by motorists on a daily basis, especially during the day, as they claim that the road is extremely quiet between 9am and 12 noon,” said Motaung.

The Department believes that this should be no excuse not to obey a road traffic sign. A fine of R1 000 will be issued to motorists who disobey a stop sign. The Department wants to protect and serve motorists and pedestrians, and they will continue doing so without fear or favour.

“As we did before, are still doing and will continue doing, we will monitor stop signs in Mogale City and charge those who disregard the rules of the road,” said Motaung.

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