Sanco needs to take a stand within community

Just the other day, at a meeting of the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco), Mogale City and Zonal Task Team Council, at Kid Maponya Primary School, I urged all members of Sanco who are also members of the ANC to attend any of the branch general meetings that will be called by the ANC to discuss policy documents.

Members are a representative of the community. I think they should know this by now. With this reason, I therefore, plead with you my leaders, let’s all attend these meetings as agents of change. To present our people and present them well.

Sanco’s goals and constitution require: Our commitment as Sanco in various communities throughout South Africa, to build a better future in a democratic and better and free country, hold greater advantages for both communities and government officials and office bearers (public representatives).

The guiding motto of the organisation is “People Centred and People Driven” and Sanco is committed to promote the process of nation building, truth and reconciliation, socio-economic and political development, reconstruction, transformation, peace and prosperity.

During the council meeting of Sanco, I told branch members that the ANC recently published its policy discussion documents.

The purpose is to prepare for the ANC policy conference in June and the conference in December. At the same conference, the ANC must take bold decision about the country’s required direction in order to fundamentally transform the lives of South Africans.

Throughout its 105 years, the ANC has been informed by the principle that it is the parliament of the people. This principle places an obligation on the ANC.

When it prepares for major and decisive gatherings, it must consult widely.

This is done to make sure that its final decisions are informed and influenced by people’s lived experiences, scientific research, public opinion and national conditions.

Giving commentators and analysts access to the document is an attempt to solicit their ideas to enrich the discussions.

Raliphi George Master Push Xolelizwe

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