Gorgeous chicks and skateboard tricks –- what do they have in common?

Lucky Dlangalala, a skateboarder boardsliding at Key West Skateboard Park.

A local skateboarder who made it big in the world never forgot his roots, and now he’s part of a brotherhood that takes care of each other, lends a hand, and creates jobs for young upcoming South Africans.

Charles Lamprecht, a Krugersdorper who has a passion for skateboarding, recently started a skateboarding club in Braamfontein, with 12 decks and 12 helmets.

Now, he has more than 100 skateboards and takes groups of young exited skateboarders to skate parks all the time. Charles didn’t stop at just giving kids something to do – he also gave the older skateboarders hope when he employed most of them. He gave the men opportunities as painters, construction workers, and cashiers.

“It’s like a brotherhood, because there’s lots of kids,” said Charles. “We have staff, we don’t have bosses. I want to empower these guys, to make sure they can sustain themselves and always have somebody to back them.”

Kabelo Chiloane, doing an ‘ollie’ over a ramp at the Key West Skateboard Park.

He said although he tries to give them a bright future, he never lets them forget why they started skating in the first place, and doesn’t want them to lose their passion for skating. And each skateboarder’s story of how he or she started skating is unique.

Kabelo Chiloane, one of these skateboarders, said his skateboarding is a coincidence really. “I lent my PlayStation cord to one of my friends and he didn’t return it,” said Kabelo. “So I went to his house and said I’m gonna take whatever is exactly the same cost. I saw this skateboard standing in a corner and took it. It lay in my house for probably two or three weeks. One day I needed to go buy milk and bread at the spaza shop. I decided the skateboard would be quicker. I went with the board and on my way back I fell my butt off. The milk and bread went everywhere and I wanted to break the board. But after that it just stuck, and now I love it. After I conquered the board, I started to have sanity. It lets me escape and be myself. I’m so far away from everything that bothers me.”

Charles Lamprecht, a local who longboards and helps young upcoming skateboarders to reach their goals.

Lucky Dlangalala, is a dancer who picked up skateboarding after the dancing scene died down a little. “I had a friend who asked me to go skating with him. I didn’t like it as much at first. A week after that my mom gave me a magazine to look through – ironically it was a skateboarding magazine. I liked what I saw and started dedicating more and more of my time to skateboarding. I broke my ankle and sometimes still feel the pain when I skate. I could have quit, but it just goes to show – if you’re passionate about it, you’ll never abandon it.

Lucky Dlangalala, grinding on a step at the Key West Skateboard Park.

Yamkela Sitshaluza loves any sport. He’s a soccer player who adores skateboarding. “It gives us a lot of exposure. We went to Cape Town a while back and we have the opportunity to go overseas in the future. I love it because everything you do, you do together, but you still have that singular reward of getting a trick just right.”

He describes the feeling of getting a trick right as being like when a girl says “Yes” when you ask her out. “Especially if it’s one of those gorgeous girls that everyone wants. Then you rock up with her at a club and all your friends are looking at you, high five-ing you because you did it.”

No matter what the reason for them starting to skate was, Charles’ club makes sure that they can continue to enjoy their skating. Visit here to see how you can donate to their cause.

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