Four collisions in less than two hours this morning

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Local emergency services are urging community members to drive more carefully following four collisions that took place within two hours earlier this morning (21 April).

Help24, QRS, Netcare 911 and ER24 paramedics have been extremely busy driving between collisions since 7am this morning. Fortunately, all the collisions were minor with only minor injuries being reported. However, many of the vehicles were left extensively damaged.

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At about 7.30am there was a bumper-bashing between an Isuzu bakkie and a Toyota light motor vehicle at the intersection of Albertina Sisulu Road and Paardekraal Drive. Only minor injuries were reported.

Photo: Help24

About 30 minutes later, Krugersdorp paramedics were called to assist at a scene on the M13 in Pretoria where a bakkie had collided with a tree. The driver sustained minor injuries.

Photo: Help24

At 8.30am, a three-vehicle collision was reported at the Witpoortjie Railway Station. One vehicle rolled across the road and came to rest on its roof. All passengers sustained minor injuries.

Photo: Help24

And at 9am, a vehicle smashed through the palisade fencing outside President Hyper, at the intersection of Market and Pretoria Streets. The driver sustained minor injuries.

Photo: Help24

“The main problem we identified is that too many people use their cellphones while driving these days,” said Denver Ramnarain, the founder of QRS.

“Their eyes are off the road as they feel they are moving slowly in traffic and can operate their phones while driving. But cellphones take full concentration and the driver loses the ability to be aware of changing traffic conditions. If people could make a decision to put their phones away for the period they are operating a vehicle, they would decrease the risk of an accident.”

Another paramedic identified children not securely fastened in as one of the main causes for injuries during collisions.

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“Having unsecured children on the front seat of a car is very dangerous,” said Karl Prinsloo, independent practitioner and paramedic. “Their heads are a little larger than their bodies and this makes them travel through a windscreen much easier. Please put your kids in a child car-seat or buckle them up for safety.”

Since the incidents various emergency services have identified mistakes drivers make when on the roads. Here are some driving tips they highlighted. (Please be advised that the News is not suggesting that any of the drivers in today’s incidents had violated these tips, which are for general information purposes only.)

Arrive Alive had the following driving tips:

• Do not drive while you are tired. Fatigue can cause decreased speed in decision-making, developing and updating strategies, effective communication and ability to think laterally and inventively.

• Always ensure that a friend or family member, who is not travelling with you, is aware of the route that you are planning to travel. Ideally, you should also update them on your progress and let them know when you have reached your destination safely.

• Try to avoid driving after dark if possible.

• Expect others not to be as obedient to the law as you are.

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