Fourth robbery in the same street in less than a month

The hijacked vehicle now has a shattered window after a shot was fired through it. Photo: Supplied

A week ago, the News reported on a robbery in Paul Kruger Street, Monument, in which two elderly people were viciously assaulted while three suspects ransacked their house.

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After this incident was reported, the News got wind of another attack in the same street. It involved suspects telling the domestic worker to lie on the ground while they ransacked the house in broad daylight.

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On Monday, 17 April, exactly one week after the robbery, another armed robbery occurred in the same street at a house further down the road.

It is alleged that the suspects gained entry into the house and pointed a firearm at the residents. They started ransacking the home, but did not notice that one of the residents had pressed the panic button for their armed response service. Within minutes, EPR patrollers arrived on scene and startled the suspects.

The suspects fled over the back wall into the neighbour’s yard. They proceeded to hijack the neighbour’s Isuzu bakkie in Gerrit Maritz Street and fled the scene. Shots were reportedly fired between the suspects and the victims while the suspects fled the scene. Luckily no one was hurt.

The scene in Paul Kruger Street after an armed robbery and hijacking took place. CPF barricaded the scene.
Photo: Supplied

Sector 4’s Community Police Forum (CPF) patrollers were also on scene minutes after they heard that EPR needed assistance. Both the CPF and EPR chased the suspects, but they weren’t apprehended. Krugersdorp Police arrived on scene shortly after the incident.

A case of armed robbery was reported at the police station.

The man and his family thanked the CPF and EPR for responding in less than one minute. One of the bystanders, whose identity remains confidential because of the dangerous situation they are in, said in a Facebook post: “I just want to thank each and everyone of you for putting your lives on the line for us and all your hard work. You guys seriously rock.”

This was the fourth robbery in less than a month in the same street. Since the incident, the CPF has asked the community to upgrade their security systems and remain extra vigilant for criminals in order to avoid this type of situation.

The CPF gave the following tips on how to keep safe:

Domestic workers:

They are so easily influenced and distracted and before you know it, they open the gate to strangers.

Gardens and streets:

If you stand in your street and look down the road, can you see anything standing out on the pavement? If you cannot see far, you need to clear the pavement a bit. Remember, if you cannot see things lying around, you will also not be able to spot an intruder or suspicious person. They can easily hide. It is even more difficult at night as street-lights are blocked by over-grown pavements and gardens. Keep in mind that the street-light is there to light up the street and help to light up your garden.


Where possible, don’t pull into your driveway immediately. Rather stop in the street and wait for your gate to open before entering, as you never know who is pulling in behind you. Remember if you pull in and are parked in, you can not get away.


Try not to hoot or have your guests hoot at the gate. This is not only annoying – it cannot be used to alert people that you are in trouble if it is an everyday occurrence. Try to only use your hooter in an emergency.


When you’re at home and not planning to go anywhere, activate your alarm beams. It’s for your own safety and the sooner the system is on, the better.

Be safe and act safe to stay safe:

• Avoid a display of expensive jewellery, cameras, mobile phones and other valuables.

• Keep your handbag with you, keep it closed or zipped, and do not leave it unattended.

• Keep your cellphone with you and do not leave it unattended.

• Do not carry large sums of money with you. Exchange your currency at a bank or at the hotel – never exchange it on the street.

• Carry your wallet in an inside pocket – never in the rear pocket of your trousers.

• Credit card transactions must be processed in your presence.

• At night, stay away from dark, isolated areas. It is always better to explore in groups and to stick to well-lit, busy streets.

• Plan your route beforehand and, as far as possible, do not ask strangers for directions.

• A police or traffic officer will be happy to direct you if you get lost.

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