There’s a chill in the air …

Krugersdorp News Editor Janine Viljoen.

Waking up this morning, I realised that winter is on our doorstep. The chill in the air has gone from just putting on a thinnish jacket to putting on a thick coat with socks and shoes!

It also made me realise that the vulnerable will also suffer more at night time and I am going to use this opportunity to punt the importance of Krugersdorpers getting involved in our knitting project.

For more information, read here.

The News, and various community roleplayers, have decided to team up for a “winter warmer” project of note.

Not only do we want to give back to those who suffer most during the cold months, we also want to give back to those who cannot fend for themselves – the animals in shelters all over Krugersdorp.

We tend to forget about the four-legged residents of Krugersdorp when it comes to community projects, so I want to call on my fellow Krugersdorpers to get involved. The need to help and the need for help has never been bigger and if each and every member of this community makes a contribution, no matter how small, it will make a big difference.

Feel free to contact me on 011 955 1130 if you need more information or would like to get involved.

Let’s be the change we want to see, Krugersdorp! Until next week, keep warm

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