Woman raped and set alight with friend laid to rest

Both victims were set on fire by the suspects. They managed to get to hospital, but died within two days. Photo: File Photo/ Bianca Pindral

The woman who was raped and set on fire by a group of taxi drivers was laid to rest in Slovoville Cemetery, Soweto on Saturday, 8 April, a week after the horrific incident.

The man who was with her when she was raped, was buried next to her on the same day.

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The woman was walking around with her friends on Saturday, 1 April when a taxi hit one of her male friends. The taxi drove away, but was brought back to the scene by fellow community members who saw the incident occur.

The group of friends started fighting with the driver who now had other occupants in his vehicle as well. The friends left the scene after a while and the taxi driver loaded the injured pedestrian and woman into the taxi.

He drove to an open field nearby, offloaded the woman, raped her and then stoned both her and her injured friend. He then set them on fire and drove off.

A passerby discovered the two victims who were still alive at that time and they were rushed to hospital.

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The woman succumbed to her injuries the next day, and her friend died on Monday, 3 April.

Mourners at the funeral were devastated by the loss of both the victims and wept as their coffins were carried to their graves.

Members of the taxi association to which the driver belonged also attended the funeral. Their presence was not well received, but they did try to show remorse by saying that they will take care of the families of the deceased.

Five suspects were remanded in custody and appeared in court on Wednesday, 12 April.

The details of the court appearance have not yet been released.

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