Focus on what’s in front of you

Wives have a way of knowing their husbands almost too well.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were enjoying breakfast at Spur in the Strand, Western Cape. Just the two of us at the table surrounded by other patrons coming and going. It was very relaxing until my wife said, “Where are you?” My reply was a bit defensive, “I am here!”

Yes, we were making eye contact and I heard her speak. But she knows her husband so well. She was 100 per cent right, I was somewhere else.

Her words haunted me. It is rude to make eye contact and hear someone’s voice while being somewhere else.

Then I wondered how many times in church, or while reading my Bible, God felt like saying to me, “Where are you?”

It is possible to physically be in church, make eye contact with the preacher, even hear his voice but be somewhere far away.

We live among a multitude of attractions and distractions.

Next time you sit in church and your mind wonders, beware, God may ask, “Where are you?”

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