Development plan promises a bright future for Krugersdorp

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Mogale City Local Municipality applies an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the future development of the town.

The IDP is an approach that involves the entire municipality and its citizens to find the best solutions for achieving long-term development. It aims to coordinate the work of local and other spheres of government in a coherent plan to improve the quality of life of all the people living in a specific area.

The IDP Road Show was recently held at the Centenary Hall to involve the residents of Krugersdorp. The Executive Mayor, Michael Holenstein, started his speech by thanking the residents that took the time to join them in the important process.

“Your contribution to the process is without a doubt the most important aspect of any IDP process,” said Michael.

He also told the public that without them there would be no ward committees, no IDP and no council. He also said that the council will adopt a new vision statement for Krugersdorp – not one that will merely pay lip service, but one that strives towards a Mogale City being in a league of its own among other well-developed cities in the world. The councillors have big plans for bringing about positive change in the community.

The event was a big success with a large number of community members attending. The following aspects were discussed:

Corporate services

Residents were assured that constitutional compliance and upholding the law will be a priority.


Residents can expect that all potholes will be fixed and that a high-quality maintenance programme for all roads will be implemented. The team also wishes to complete the Magaliesburg waste-water treatment plant that will allow them to unleash development opportunities.

Economic services

The team plans to expand the current under-utilised incubator programme in Mogale City to ensure that every resident gets the opportunity to become part of the programme and empower themselves. They plan to, “Initiate and establish the Mayor’s business advisory committee which will function as an advisory board to local businesses and entrepreneurs in an effort stimulate local economic development and create networks in which local business and entrepreneurs will flourish,” said Holenstein.


The team wishes to create a comprehensive Expanded Public Works Programme that fairly benefits all recipients.

After the important aspects had been discussed, the community was given the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns.

Concerns brought up by the community

• Calls to call centres remain unanswered

• Drugs and prostitution

• Upkeep of parks

• Employment of local residents

• More public toilets in town

• Low-cost housing

• Billing issues

The attendees expressed appreciation that the roads and pothole problems were being addressed, and that the community can look forward to a cleaner environment.

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