Councillor helps sort out housing mess

Councillor Kagiso Lekagane handing Kedibone Thempu the papers for her new home.

A misunderstanding caused a major headache for one resident.

In 2010, Kedibone Thempu, a Kagiso resident, was allocated a house by the Department of Human Settlement. She received all the relevant documents confirming that she was the beneficiary of the house. A few months after she moved into her new house, the same officials moved her to another house further down the street.

“They claimed that my house was going to be given to a physically impaired resident,” said Kedibone.

According to Kedibone, she was not given any documentation concerning the move, and the rates and water accounts were still in her name. Her headache started when she began receiving accounts for a house in which she did not live.

The matter was taken up with all parties involved, but they failed to assist her and no results were produced. Six years later and after the recent Local Government Elections, Councillor Kagiso Lekagane, the DA PR Councillor for Ward 11, took up her cause.

Kagiso managed to transfer Kedibone’s new home onto her name and cleared all the accounts for her previous home.

“I can now finally enjoy my own house, thanks to the commitment of Councillor Kagiso Lekagane to serve the residents in his ward,” said Kedibone.

Kagiso told the News that he wants to assist community members with matters, so they should not be afraid to speak out. He also said that he will continue to make a difference and is glad that Kedibone can lead a less stressful life from now on.

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