‘A promise to God too’

As a pastor, I do weddings as part of my service to members in my church. It is always exciting, the planning and preparation leading up to the big day. The groom is ready and normally quite nervous.

The chapel doors open, the bell rings, the wedding march blares out. Then the bride enters the chambers with her family and the guests stand up, welcoming her.

She always looks amazing and the groom looks so proud. Then the vows are read. “Do you solemnly agree before God and these witnesses to take this woman to be your lawful, wedded wife, to love and respect her, honour and cherish her, in health and in sickness, in prosperity and in adversity, and leaving all others, to keep yourself only unto her, so long as you both shall live? Can you answer, ‘I do’?”

Wow. If you read it over and over again, you see the building blocks essential for a long, happy marriage. No vows ever say, “For richer or forget it.”

I wish Christians could have the same level of commitment to God. “In health and in sickness, in prosperity and adversity.”

Many Christians follow God as long as things go their way. Not so for Job in Job 13:15, “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him”.

Is your commitment to God for richer or forget it?

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