Don’t be jerks while raiding

I have no problem if the police raid houses, but I do have a problem if they also vandalise innocent people’s property when doing so. My mother, 65, stays in Sivewright Street and her house was also searched. They broke her gate out of the hinges, were very rude to her and did not show her their search warrant.

When asked who is going to pay for the damage to the gate, she was told that it was not their problem.

To me, they were worse than those they arrested!

She is now so scared of the police (the ones who are supposed to make you feel calm and safe) that she would not even phone them if she sees irregular activities.

* Police spokesperson Captain Appel Ernst responds:

Police conducted a crime-prevention operation in the area. The operation yielded successes in that numerous drug lords and undocumented persons were arrested. The SAPS members also recovered a substantial amount of drugs and stolen property.

During crime-prevention operations it happens that law-abiding members of the community are inconvenienced. Every person has the right to lodge a complaint to the SAPS regarding actions which they deem unlawful, for proper investigation and remedial steps to be taken if necessary. It also needs to be mentioned that there are procedures in place for civil claims regarding damages and losses.

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