Using and abusing an act of stupidity

I have come to the conclusion that drug fiends and dealers are undeniably dim-witted.

Here’s why: For many months, every day, a young woman in a small, white, late model hatch-back car has met her drug supplier on my driveway, in front of my property.

The supplier walks down from Sivewright Street, hops into the passenger seat and hands her the package in exchange for the money. When the transaction has been completed, he hoofs it back to where he came from and she tears off.

The same routine every day. From the amount of merchandise that she buys, she is clearly peddling her wares elsewhere, probably outside schools, colleges, in suburbia etc. Usually, consistency is an admirable quality, but in this case, it is incredibly stupid to make one’s illicit activities so predictably obvious.

As luck, or in her case, bad luck, would have it, the drug dealer failed to materialise one Friday afternoon. The young woman, very foolishly and with her car window open, placed a very loud and highly incriminating phone call to the absent dealer. She launched into a tirade, screaming verbal abuse at the errant dealer. Had he not been a drug dealer, I might have been inclined to feel sorry for him for enduring such abuse!

Apparently, being ‘stood up’ did not sit well with her.The young ‘lady’ in question looked up and saw me assimilating the sordid little spectacle. She then redirected her wrath at me, screeching foul language and threats at the top of her voice (no matter, drug delinquents don’t intimidate me).

Her vocabulary is positively diabolical, albeit terribly limited. Even a drunk, downmarket street-walker wouldn’t behave in such an undignified manner. Thanks to the fact that she was generous enough to give me ample time to memorise her vehicle registration and several additional details, I have forwarded said information to the relevant authorities.

If one is involved in illegal extra-curricular activities, is it not phenomenally stupid to draw attention to oneself by behaving like a banshee? This young woman should sincerely hope that she is arrested by the police before her unsavoury drug dealer ‘china’ and his associates from Sivewright Street cotton on to the fact that she has become a liability.

They may well decide to fit her with a pair of cement boots and dispatch her to the murky depths of the Centenary Dam! Either way, I hope that she and her ilk, of which there are many, get their just deserts for all the lives that have been tainted and devastated by their despicable drug dealing.

A consoling thought is that drug dealing is not a profession conducive to wholesome, glowing good health or longevity. The drug saga never culminates in a happy ending for any of the participants!

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