‘One day we will all face God’

The story is told about a group of nomads that travelled through the night to avoid the scorching sun.

In the moonless, pitch dark, the group was proceeding through a dry river bed when a voice called out, “Halt!”.

Not knowing how many were with the voice, they obeyed. Then the voice gave the order to dismount. They obeyed. Then the voice instructed them to take a handful of pebbles and place them in their saddle bags. They obeyed. Then the voice instructed them to mount up and continue their journey. One final word from the mysterious voice was this, “In the morning when the sun comes up you will be happy and you will be sad”.

Confused, they continued their journey. How can you be happy and sad at the same time, they thought. Soon after the sun came up, one of the travellers reached into his saddle bag to retrieve some of the pebbles. They weren’t pebbles at all, they were actually diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. The men were at once happy and sad. Happy because they obeyed the voice, sad that they didn’t take more.

One day you and I will die. We will face God, and we will be happy and sad. Happy that we obeyed His voice and blessed others, but sad that we didn’t do more to help those less privileged than ourselves.

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