Enough is enough! Members of Boltonia mob speak out

Makulu Gama, an informal settlement where 3 000 people live.

Three thousand people living in a squatter camp known as Makulu Gama constantly need to look over their shoulders. On a daily basis, lives are lost through gangsterism and acts of violence, and the police are allegedly not doing enough to help.

The News recently reported about an angry mob that plundered a business in Boltonia.

A group of angry community members was on the hunt for a man who had allegedly raped a woman and in the process caused damage to the tune of millions of rands to a local business. The residents took matters into their own hands, because they felt that the police did not want to assist them with the crimes that are taking place in their area.

The News spoke to the residents and obtained feedback on why they are taking the law into their own hands. They were furious, and at first were afraid to speak.

“We are too afraid to share information with the community, because as soon as we share information, the gangsters will come and kill us,” they said.

The residents also told the News that the community always expects them to come out on strike, but they are only fighting for themselves.

“The Krugersdorp Police’s station commander had a meeting with the residents early last week and they reached an understanding that we will work together to curb criminal activities in that area,” said the spokesperson for the Krugersdorp Police, Sergeant Tshepiso Mashale.

The residents told the News that the community can expect more mobs, more protesting and more damage if the police do not act against crime soon.

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