JUST IN: Featherbrooke man shot multiple times for small fortune

The bullet ridden Toyota that served as a coffin for its driver when alleged robbers shot and killed him. Photo: supplied

A man who is believed to have been a resident of an up-market estate in the Featherbrooke area was shot and killed during the night of 14 March, near the Spar shopping centre. The incident happened at about 8pm.

It is believed the man was traveling in his Toyota, carrying a large amount of cash. He was followed by two suspects in a BMW, who pulled up next to him when he stopped. The suspects approached him and shot him while he was still in the vehicle.

It is understood that the suspects emptied their firearms into the man, firing shot after shot, and killing him instantly. He was declared dead on scene.

It is not yet clear whether or not the perpetrators took the victim’s money before they fled the scene.

More details of the incident will be released shortly.

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