Mogale Traffic presents programme about road safety for the blind

Some of the blind members who attended the info session.

What a blind person needs is education, understanding and help and the Mogale City Traffic Department recently started their first education session in Kagiso to assist the blind with road safety.

Spokesperson Papi Motaung invited the News to attend their first ever session at House of Hope, which is a non-profit organisation assisting partially sighted and totally blind people. The organisation opened its doors in 2014 and is currently assisting 30 blind people. The organisation started as a support group and expanded when more blind people were informed of its existence.

Chairperson of the organisation, Mpini Letilage, told the News that some of these blind members were using broom sticks to move around.

The organisation then started to teach braille classes and give counselling, and started their own vegetable garden. These initiatives help the blind members to socialise and not feel alone. Most of the members do not have care-givers and must find their way in the dark.

“The organisation helps them to be more independent,” said Mpini.

Papi addressed the members, giving them some road safety education that can be taught to other members in and around Kagiso.

Mpini Letilage, Papi Motaung and Motlatisi Khumalo at the House of Hope after receiving education on road safety.

“Most people in Kagiso have cars and the movement in the area is more than it used to be in the past,” said Papi.

Papi taught the blind some signals to use when they are in a busy road. One signal that was very important was that blind people need to put their sticks in the air if they want motorists to stop. This sign is very important when it comes to stop signs.

The programme is not only for the blind themselves, it’s also for care-givers and school children. The traffic department feels that road safety education also needs to be taught at school and is planning to add schools to their education programme.

The organisation was very proud of and thankful for the educational tips that were provided.

The traffic department will be visiting the organisation again soon to address more important road safety education issues.

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